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(410) 499 - 1673

My name is Michael J. Walls and I am a professional DP/Camera Operator, working in Reality /Doc television, Industrial & Corporate Video, and Narrative Film & Video productions. 




DP/Camera Op

Lensed by MJ.  Doc/Reality TV, Promotional and Personal Stories for corporate and private clients.


2018 Promo video for Bachelor Boys Band. Shot and Edited by MJ Walls. 

Viral Videos (7.5+ Million Hits!!!)

Select Reel from a Reality Show Pilot.  Content and Post by MJ.


Reality/Doc TV Select Reel of shows I have worked on as a CameraOp/DP.

Mini Doc on a 2011 exhibit of toothpick sculptures, particularly, Rolling Through the Bay, by San Francisco artist Scott Weaver.

One of my Fav Broll Shoots, Philadelphia, PA circa 2011 via Panasonic HVX200.