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My name is Michael J. Walls and I am a professional DP/Camera Operator, working in Reality /Doc television, Industrial & Corporate Video, and Narrative Film & Video productions. 




About MJ

My name is Michael J. Walls, friends call me MJ. 

I've been doing film & video production work for the entertainment industry since graduating college in 1998.

Starting out as a Production Assistant and working my way up the ranks to Camera Operator/DP, I've seen and done a lot, which gives me a great sense for knowing what works on set and what doesn't.

Personally, I have been shooting film and video for myself since high school and professionally since 2007, so I have developed a great eye for composition and chasing the action.  I've worked on many Doc/Reality TV shows since then, so I also have a strong nose for following story and understand how to work with the cast.  

Camera. Sound. Post.  I do it all.  

Working extensively in all of these areas makes me something of a triple threat.  Having the background as a shooter and a sound mixer allows me work as a one man band, being able to set up lights and sound for locations and interviews, independent of a crew (when absolutely necessary).  

Always keeping the Post Production Department in mind and being a skilled editor, gives me the foresight in the field to know what shots and angles work and which ones don't, allowing me to anticipate my next shot and coordinate with what other Camera Ops might be covering at the moment.

As for gear, I've worked with many of the current digital camera systems, and still know how to use some of the older ones.  I also shoot film once and a while, my oldest camera being an Eclair NPR from the late 1960's, my newest, a Canon 5DMK3 Production Kit. In additions, I've added a  Zacuto Indie Recoil Rig and a Rokinon Cine Lens Prime Kit to give my work a truly cinematic feel, no matter what the content is.  

I am a people person.  I love working with talented and creative people who know how to share respect and leave the egos at the door. 

But even if egos are left unchecked, I can still pleasantly navigate around that, so that everyone comes out on top.  For new talent, not used to the attention of the camera lens,   I can help them feel at ease, allowing them to find their own zone and feel natural in front of camera, with just the right amount of encouragement.

At the end of the day, I'm a storyteller.  I love being at ground zero where the action is happening, and I love being the one who's directing it, collecting it, and delivering it.

That's me and that's what MJ Walls can offer to your next production.  

Please enjoy my reel selections, and take a copy of my resume before you go.

If you like what you see and I fit the bill, give me a call.  I'd love to hear about your current production.

Thanks for your time!

Best to you.

~ MJ Walls  =^)